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Are There Gendered Voting Blocks on the Northfield City Council?

There is a perception in certain quarters that the four women on the Northfield City Council (Councilors Nakasian, Peterson White, Pownell, and Zweifel) represent a distinct "voting block" that is consistently opposed to the three men on the Council. To determine whether this was true, I analyzed Council votes between January 8 and September 4, 2013, as recorded in the official City Council minutes posted on the City of Northfield website. I counted only the votes on Motions, Resolutions, and Ordinances. The total number of votes counted was 108. A complete tabulation of the votes can be found here (.pdf). 

Here is some of what the data revealed:

49% of all votes were unanimous (52 out of 108). Only 9% of votes (10 out of 108) were divided along gender lines. Councilors DeLong and Ludescher voted together in 5-2 votes (or 4-2 on June 18, when Mayor Graham was not present) 18% of the time (20 out of 108). In other words, DeLong and Ludescher voted as a "block" twice a…