Sunday, June 3, 2012

Making Movies

Here's a teaser for my most recent feature story on, about two 2012 Carleton College graduates who are getting ready to spend the next year making a feature-length film. They need your help to make the film. You can become a backer of their project through Kickstarter.

KaitlinSam.jpgKaitlin Randolph was writing stories before she started kindergarten in northern Wisconsin. Sam Dunnewold started making films as a seventh grader at Northfield Middle School. Sam was also a member of the last class of Northfield eighth graders to go through their entire middle school career in the building which is now the Weitz Center for Creativity.

Both Kaitlin and Sam ended up at Carleton College, where they majored in Cinema and Media Studies (CAMS). Now the two young filmmakers are preparing to graduate from college and embark on the next stage of their careers: making their first feature-length film.

With several other partners, they’ve created a production company, Lucid Films LLC, and have created a Kickstarter account with the goal of raising at least $5,000 before June 24, 2012.

But the process began in the summer of 2010, when Kaitlin began brainstorming ideas for a screenplay about “two depressed twentysomethings” who literally share each other’s dreams, but who eventually “find reality catching up with them.” The story gradually took shape over the following fall and winter terms at Carleton, and in early 2011 she brought Sam on board. In the fall, they decided that the film, Lucidity, would be their project for the year after their graduation from Carleton.

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