History Trivia Quiz #1

Name five Civil War generals who served, either before or after the war, as college presidents. Also give the names of the colleges. (Answers in the comments.)


Rob Hardy said…
William T. Sherman, superintendent of Louisiana State Seminary of Learning and Military Academy, Pineville, LA (now Louisiana State University), 1859-1861

James A. Garfield, principal of Western Reserve Eclectic Institute, Hiram, OH (now Hiram College), 1857-1860

Robert E. Lee, president of Washington College, Lexington, VA (now Washington and Lee University), 1865-1870

Oliver O. Howard, president of Howard University, Washington, DC, 1869-1874

Joshua L. Chamberlain, president of Bowdoin College, Brunswick, ME, 1871-1883
laytonwoman3rd said…
3 out of 5 on the Generals, but only two of the colleges. I think that translates to about 50%, doesn't it? I'm not too proud of that.

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