Friday, March 26, 2010


This morning, the reflections on the water of Spring Creek, near the entrance to the Lower Arboretum, reminded me of a classic photo that my fellow Northfield blogger, Penny Hillemann, posted on Penelopedia two years ago (May 2008).  The Siberian squill is beginning to bloom along the banks of the creek.  On this date a year ago, Mary Schier, at My Northern Garden, blogged about seeing the first budding squill of the year.  If nothing else, our blogs may provide a kind of phenological record of the changing seasons here in Northfield.   


Mary S. said...

Rob -- the blogs do serve a useful purpose in keeping track of things. A week or so ago, I thought that everything was coming up very early, but when I checked last year's blog, found it was the same day (exactly) as the year before. That said, it does seem the bulbs, etc. are bigger than they were this time last year. And, today I saw my first squill foliage!

Penelope said...

I mentioned to someone who occasionally reads my blog that I occasionally find myself writing a post that's almost identical to one I'd written in a previous year. She said that in itself is interesting, because it points to patterns in nature. I like to go back and refer to my earlier reports of when this or that was in bloom, or I saw a heron in a particular place, etc.

New Poem: "Phrasebook"

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