Sunday, August 16, 2009


I'm back from nearly a month without internet access or electricity. I spent most of that time re-roofing the north porch of the main lodge where we stay each summer. Unfortunately, I neglected to take "before" photos of the old roof, which consisted of a thick layer of moss, a layer of old asphalt shingles, a thick layer of partially rotten cedar shakes, a layer of ants, and damp and rotting tongue-and-groove sheathing. I was greatly assisted in the demolition by my brother-in-law Jason, my brother Jim, and my sons Will and Peter. Jason and my friend Ken helped me with some of the reconstruction, and Clara was a genius at cutting shingles to fit. Here are some pictures of the work (the first three were taken by my sister Ruth).

Will and Jim amid the demolition debris

Jim, Will, and Rob demolishing the old roof

Rob removing old nails

Clara cutting shingles

The finished roof, with skylight

The north porch, ready for afternoon tea


Shan said...

WOW!!! Can I just say, you all make me feel very....lazy?

Congrats. It's BEAUTIFUL. And welcome back to civilization.

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a big job, and so well done!

Jim H. said...

Nicely done. This was a vacation?

Jason Mittell said...

Wonderful to see the completed project! I had fears of obstacles getting in the way of completion before you left...

Tiffin said...

Rob, that looks like a little bit of heaven. Good job on the porch! I love old lodges. They just feel so right.

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