Thursday, May 28, 2009

"The King is Dead"

Maybe it took the distance of seventeen time zones and an entire hemisphere to turn me on to hip hop. Here's what's been at the top of the Pod lately: the Australian hip hop group The Herd, with a surprisingly infectious song about the defeat of long-time prime minister John Howard in the 2007 Australian elections. Explicit lyrics.

The song is from The Herd's 2008 release Summerland. Other highlights include "Emergency," about the global environmental crisis, and "Black & Blue," about an educational system that fails at-risk youth. Smart, intensely rhythmic, often symphonic music. "Can't be non-partisan when you're an artist/And you put your heart in it..."


Jim H. said...

First bats, now hip hop. I gotta say "ish" to both of them. Sure, bats eat mosquitos and The Herd's sentiments may be laudable, but I'm sorry, I still don't like bats or hip hop.

Small-minded, I guess.

Rob Hardy said...

Okay, how about this one (Pearl)? Come on, this is a great song, Jim!

Jim H. said...

"You could rival Edison
or invent a new medicine."


I do like the female vocalist, though, and the semi-classical guitar riff is a nice addition.

Elizabeth said...

I like the video.

If you're into hip-hop-pol, check out outkast's "war" ( loove it!

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