Tuesday, May 26, 2009

How I Spent Memorial Day Weekend

On Friday, Clara and the boys and I packed up and headed up to the U.P. (the Upper Peninsula of Michigan) to enjoy a weekend of "bat-proofing" our summer place. No bats were killed, but many were displaced from the human living quarters. This is the earliest that I've been up to the island, and I was interested to find a species of wildflower that I had not seen before during our late June-August stays on the island. This is "ten-point phlox" (phlox bifida), which was growing all over the western point of the island.

Phlox bifida

The forget-me-nots (an introduced species) were also blooming, but not yet at their peak. I searched the woods for other native wildflowers (e.g., pipsissewa, starflower), but found only forget-me-nots.

Finally, here is a little brown bat having an unscheduled midday fly around the kitchen of the big boathouse (a.k.a. "the bathouse").

click to enlarge (bat in right-hand white canvas triangle above kitchen).

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Elizabeth said...

Oh, these photos are great! Makes me wish the next month would fly by. I can't wait to get up there! Hope you enjoyed the weekend.

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