There are fires burning in both wood stoves this evening as the temperature falls from a daytime high of -1°F to a low somewhere in the double digits below zero overnight. Today was the coldest December day in Minnesota since 1996. The graph above, from the Carleton College weather station, shows the fifty-degree drop in temperature from a high of about 40°F at noon yesterday, to around -10°F at noon today.

See also Griff's post on LocallyGrown, with a photograph of the sun dogs visible in Northfield this morning. Something I missed by huddling inside in my pajamas.


Chris said…
It's still mild here. (She says with glee.)
Shan said…
Crazy! It does feel more like January!
Jim H. said…

That chart is very...graphic!

I am shamelessly plugging another blog, where today there is a poem about the cold and, to counterbalance that, a poem about baseball. That other blog? I think you and your smart readers can guess...

Jim Haas

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