Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day 2008, Part II

After going to the polls, I headed over to the high school to finish preparing the band's concert uniforms for Thursday evening's district-wide band concert. Prepping the uniforms involved assembling shirt, bow tie, cummerbund, pants and jacket, and placing each complete uniform in a numbered garment bag. I spent two and a half hours in the band room yesterday afternoon working on this project, and finished it up with another forty-five minutes this morning.

While I was in the band room, the band teacher shared with me the results of the high school's mock election, which was held last Thursday. Northfield high school students delivered a landslide victory for Obama/Biden, with 65% of the vote. The vote tally for the mock school board election was interesting:

Rob Hardy 33.5% (301 votes)
Jeff Quinnell 30% (273 votes)
Katy Hargis 30% (271 votes)
Kevin Budig 26% (233 votes)
Anne Maple 21% (191 votes)
Ellen Iverson 19% (174 votes)
Peter Millin 16.5% (149 votes)
Diane Cirksena 15.8% (142 votes)

These totals are interesting because I am the only one of the Northfield Education Association endorsed candidates to win the mock election. Except for my name at the top, the high school results are more or less an inversion of the results of the LocallyGrown straw poll (which has a much smaller sampling size). It's possible that the results of the high school poll reflect, more than anything else, name recognition: of the four runners-up, only Anne has a child at the high school, but Anne's daughter has a different last name.

There is one other interesting result of the high school mock election. One of the controversial items on the ballot is an amendment to the state constitution that would raise the state sales tax to fund environmental protection and cultural preservation. In the high school, the amendment passed by an impressive 77%. I am less hopeful about the results of the actual election, but I hope that voters will keep the next generation in mind, and consider the legacy we want to leave them, when deciding whether or not to guarantee funding for the environment and the arts.

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