Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election 2008, Part IV

I spent the evening, from 8-10 pm, at the LocallyGrown election night party at the Upstairs Reub. A number of local candidates dropped in, and I had a few nice conversations with supporters. Unfortunately, the results aren't good. I finished in sixth place, with four seats open on the school board. The results, as reported by the Northfield News, look like this—

But I'm drinking champagne because—

We made history today. I may have lost, but America has won.


Shan said...

Our condolences on your loss, Rob--you would have been an AWESOME School Board member--but I'm thankful we are all celebrating together today the fact that Obama is our new President.

Jim H. said...


Northfield voters are just strange, passing up a golden opportunity to have a top-notch school board member. Keep the faith -- your willingness to serve will be rewarded.

Jim Haas

enaj said...

Yes, it is a loss to the district that the voters failed to put you on the school board, Rob. You bring thoughtful, informed resources which should be in the mix. I hope that in the short term, you will find another route to channel these, and that your disappointment with the outcome of this election won't deter you from making yourself available for the next one.

Thank you for running!

Penelope said...

Thanks for your thoughtful candidacy and for putting yourself out there -- and also for your eloquent words on Obama's victory, which I may quote, if you don't mind!

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