Thursday, September 11, 2008

Small World

Peter asked for clay.
All summer he built himself
little chairs, tables,
a drawbridge for his fort
in the backwoods, dreaming
of a bigger world
where he could build houses
big enough to live in,
big enough for everyone.
Happiness was a hammer
in his hand, saw and nails,
everything fitting together
snug and square. His
seven years had given him
strength and skill enough
to piece this much together.
He asked for clay,
and made himself a model
of the twin towers,
somewhere he has never been.
He made them, he said,
for remembering:
things small enough to hold,
like the small white pawns
taken from a board, the toy-sized
city of ghosts left standing
at the foot of his bed
while he sleeps,
while he sometimes dreams
of picking up his hammer,
and of what he would build.

Originally published in Black Bear Review 34 Spring 2002. Honorable Mention, 2001 Annual Poetry Competition. Copyright © 2002 by Rob Hardy.

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