Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Back in One Week

Hello, everyone! I'm sitting at a public computer in the Les Cheneaux Public LIbrary in Cedarville, Michigan. I'll be back and blogging again in one week. Today. Clara and I canoed over to the next island (Birch Island) to look at the shipwreck. I'll have photographs of that, and much more, when I return to Northfield in a week...


Shan said...

Can't wait! Am envying you your vacation. Though you deserve it. It's been hot here, with major rainstorms now and then, but summer is progressing as it should: much running through the sprinkler.

Jim H. said...

Brendon's write-in campaign for mayor has taken off; your campaign for school board has languished while you've been away. Let's hope the situation reverses itself as election season rolls on!

Steven Bearden said...

Hello Rob,

We also found that shipwreck this summer but did not bring a camera with us before we left to find the shipwreck. Would you be willing to email the photos you took to me?

I don't know if you had much luck finding any history on that shipwreck but I did finally find someone in that did know a few things. According to the owner of the island "It is known to be a canal schooner, and is nameless. When the original indian family in our area, the Osogwins, arrived in 1850 the schooner was already sunk. No one knows for sure when it happened. It was full of lumber and caught fire as it left Hessel. It went down where it rests now"

I found your posting via a Google search and I have never blogged before so I am not sure if you will receive this, but if so here is my email address: sbearden@hotmail.com


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