Monday, June 9, 2008

A Retraction

Just when I was starting to have nightmares like the illustration at right (a medieval hernia operation), I had my appointment with a local surgeon, who poked and prodded and finally concluded that I didn't have anything remotely worth operating upon. Probably just a strain, a slight tear, and some inflammation. Big sigh of relief. Dr. R. looked like a soap opera doctor, and when, in the course of our conversation, he learned that I had trained as a classicist (before hitting the big time as a blogger), he promptly quoted the entire first line of the Aeneid. When was the last time a handsome man quoted Vergil to you, told you to drop your pants, and jabbed you repeatedly in the scrotum? Well, that was my day.


Penelope said...


Shan said...

Oh my. That's quite a day. Good news though. I hope you are not celebrating by doing any more drunk cooking. At least, not until you are fully recovered.

Jim H. said...

The first orthopedic surgeon who looked at the MRI of my spine said, "Cool!" I'd rather have one who quoted Virgil.

Anyway, very good news. A little physical therapy, some well-deserved rest, and a mojito or two.

Will your health plan pay for the mojitos?

Christopher Tassava said...

Your penultimate sentence was the ultimate blog line.

I'm glad you're on the mend - and not even from anything too terrible.

Bleeet said...

I think that he got the order of the process screwed up. He's supposed to jab you repeatedly in the scrotum while quoting Vergil, and then you drop your pants.

That's the way it usually goes with me.

Bleeet said...

Must be tough being a urologist, everyone he sees is just another dick.

kookiejar said...

Glad it was nothing serious.

I hope he at least bought you some dinner after the whole Virgil quoting, pants dropping, scrotum poking episode. You don't want him to think you are easy. :D

J at said...

Oh lord, that was hilarious. I'm sorry you suffered, but I'm glad that you at least got some Virgil in the process. :) HA!

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