Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Declaratio, Part II

Soundtrack: open this link in another tab and enjoy The Fratellis' "Lupe Brown" while reading today's Rough Draft posts.

My surgery is scheduled for the morning of Thursday, July 24—one month from today. Between now and then, I'll be spending three weeks on an island in Lake Huron, near the little village of Hessel in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. The only power on the island is provided by a pair of solar panels that run the water pump and a gas generator that occasionally runs the washing machine. As a result, this blog will be dormant from June 29 until July 22. Meanwhile, those of you who live in Northfield can start spreading the word that I'll be a candidate for school board in the November election. I'll undoubtedly come up with some kind of statement when I return from vacation/general anaesthesia, but for now you can read about how I failed as a middle school Latin teacher.* This piece originally appeared in Classical Journal and is available online at Susan Ohanian's website. While it chronicles the one notable failure of my teaching career, it also says a lot about what's important to me in public education. (And yes, Shan, it's about my experience in a certain posh suburb.)

*Note: there are some proofreading and formatting errors in the online version of my essay; you can make a game out of substituting the proper punctuation for the ubiquitous question marks.


Jim H. said...

Hardy for school board! OK, that's accurate, but not very catchy. The campaign slogan will be in Latin, of course, so I will have to defer to others more learned than I.

Be prepared for your opponents to confuse classicism with classism.

And, best of luck with the surgery.

Shan said...

I figured as much (the certain posh suburb part). How fortunate we both are to have escaped careers there! That was surely not the place for me.

I will vote for you.

Christopher Tassava said...

Add me to the list of voters!

Also add me to the list of people who wish you could get away without surgery. Alas...

I can't get that Ohanion site to open: any chance you could post a PDF to the article?

Last, say "hi" to the U.P. for me! If you pass by the hospital in Menominee on your way, be sure to wave - it's my natal hospital. And for that matter, you might be passing through Wallace, where my parents lived when I was born; Stephenson, where my parents taught while I was a little kid; and Daggett, where I lived until second grade. Oh, man. I'm getting homesick. I can almost smell the pines...

Jim H. said...

Campaign slogan: "Convenire merere optime."

New Poem: "Phrasebook"

My poem " Phrasebook " has been published online in Ergon: Greek/American Arts and Letters .