Thursday, May 22, 2008

Iron Bridge Update

In November, I blogged about the Iron Bridge (also known as the Waterford Bridge): the "most deficient" bridge in the state, and high on the list of bridges to be replaced in the wake of the 35W bridge collapse. The good news is that the bridge will be replaced, but the old bridge will be preserved as a pedestrian bridge. The plans, developed through several years of talks between Carleton College and Dakota County, also call for the construction of a boat launch on the Cannon River near the old bridge. Here are some informative links:

The Waterford Bridge Update on Carleton's Cowling Arboretum website.
A May 19 story on plans for the bridge from Carleton's news service.
A May 21 story from the Northfield News.
A May 21 story from the Minneapolis StarTribune.
A May 21 post from Locally Grown.

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New Poem: "Phrasebook"

My poem " Phrasebook " has been published online in Ergon: Greek/American Arts and Letters .