Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Stork Forest

From "Arb Notes" for February 28, 2008, in Carleton's Shrinking Footprints blog (written by Carleton student Arb Naturalists):

For many of our wildflowers, we have Professor Harvey Stork to thank. Pivotal in the creation of the arboretum back in the 1920s, Professor Stork, along with Superintendent of Grounds D. Blake Stewart, had the insight to include wildflowers in the first Arb Restoration, that of Stork Forest (on the far side of Bell Field, the location of Buckthorn Menace). At the birth of Stork Forest, restoration ecology was a novel field and Stork and “Stewsie” are considered to have been some of the first in the field. An example of the thoughtfulness of their restoration was their inclusion of all components (not just the native tree species) of the Upland Forest ecosystem. Keep an eye on the floor of Stork Forest this spring for the amazing ground display!

Stork Forest

Trillium leaves opening like an umbrella in Stork Forest

Budding Trillium

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Christopher Tassava said...

Great stories! I'm going to have to slow down tomorrow morning and walk my bike through the forest to admire the spring blooms firsthand.

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