Thursday, April 17, 2008

Springsteen Endorses Obama

You better listen to me baby:
Talk about a dream; try to make it real.
—Bruce Springsteen, "Badlands" (from Darkness on the Edge of Town, 1978)

For sanity's sake, I'm trying to steer clear of political news. I'm getting sick and tired of long-time Washington insiders like McCain and Clinton, with their personal millions and their Keating and Whitewater pasts, accusing Obama of being an elitist. I'm tired of pundits and spin doctors telling us we should be outraged over the word "bitter" when, in fact, the last eight years have made me pretty damn bitter. I'm ready to tune it all out until November, when I hope my little vote will help to put Barack Obama into the White House. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to put on Born to Run and celebrate Bruce Springsteen's endorsement of Obama.

In other Obama news: in the May 1 issue of the New York Review of Books, Gary Wills compares Obama's great speech on race to Abraham Lincoln's great Cooper Union speech, which I blogged about at the end of August.


Shan said...

I feel exactly the same way about election coverage right now. I have totally stopped paying any attention at all, because it's driving me crazy and it's still a very long time until November. Argh! Election overdose. Cannot stand to hear another word about anyone accusing anyone else of anything.

Clara said...

If Rob were a TRUE blogger, he would have said h/t to Clara on the Springsteen Obama endorsement, but then I would have to admit I read it on Hendrik Hertzberg's blog and make public the fact that I continue to follow election coverage because somehow I just can't look away...

Christopher Tassava said...

Isn't it cute when they fight?

Excuse me, I have to go check Hertzberg's blog, which I didn't know existed.

P.S. Hear, hear on the can't-take-it view of Decision 2008. I'm trying to save up so I can actually start paying attention around 9/15/08. Okay, 10/15/08. Not that I need much help deciding, now or then.

Bleeet said...

I always liked "Rosalita"...

What a great rave-up of a song, live version especially...

"Born to Run" is a truly powerful American anthem.

Is it still true that Springsteen, himself, has never had a #1 Billboard song? I think it is. I read somewhere that 3 other Springsteen songs have hit #1, but never his original version. I think they were "Blinded By The Light" (Manfred Mann) and "Fire" (Pointer Sisters?) and one other song that I'm not remembering right now ... although I think both Patti Smith and Natalie Merchant did very well with their respective covers of "Because The Night" (another fabulous Springsteen song).

He's had a fair number of top 10 and top 5 and even top 2 hits (I think "Born In The USA" - perhaps the most deliciously misappropriated song ever - "Glory Days", "Dancing In The Dark", and "My Hometown" all hit very close to #1, but I'm relying on not very recent memories here.)

I heard the ABC-aired debate in Philadelphia a couple days ago was an absolute joke... about petty gaffes and miscues, lacking any real substance. More of a "debate" than a debate.

So sad.

Regardless, to address the headline gaffe, I maintain that Obama is still far more electable than the baggage-laden Hillary, and, as the product of several very small towns in northern Minnesota, I can attest that the "bitter" is endemic in the perennially-depressed rural communities I know best.

If anything, the "bitter" covers everything so effectively that it's invisible in its ubiquity, much as fish don't notice the water, and we breathe without thinking.

That doesn't mean there isn't hope, but bitterness lurks everywhere, under everything, and it does indeed drive political choices and attitudes and behaviors.

Any insightful denizen of these communities would agree with the spirit and tenor of Obama's purportedly ill-chosen words.

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