Thursday, March 27, 2008

Readers Wanted

Clara's sabbatical project while we were in England last year was to write a draft of a book about Athens in the year 415 BCE. She wanted to write a book that would be accessible and interesting to a general audience, not a specialized book for other classicists. The project has lain dormant since we returned to America last August and Clara returned to teaching and chairing the classics department. Now she's looking for volunteers who are willing to read and comment on at least the introduction and first chapter of the book. She's looking for non-classicists, readers who can comment on the book's accessibility to its intended audience.

415 was an eventful year in Athens. The period covered by Clara's book (which doesn't correspond exactly to a modern calendrical year) includes the first production of Euripides' tragedy The Trojan Women and Aristophanes' comedy The Birds. At the heart of the story is a famous unsolved mystery known as the "mutilation of the herms," and the launching of an ill-fated imperialist adventure in Sicily. It's a fascinating study of a democratic society in crisis. If you aren't a classicist, but have an interest in the subject, please consider volunteering to be a reader.

Potential readers can send contact information to If you want a hard copy, send a mailing address; if you want a MSWord or PDF file emailed to you, send an email address.


Christopher Tassava said...

I happily volunteer! (Bonus part: I can read it at my desk and say I'm working.)

Rob Hardy said...

Clara says, "That's brilliant!" She'll get a copy to you. Thanks so much!

Adam said...

Count me in. I'd love to help out.

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