Saturday, March 15, 2008

Jazzed-Up Friday

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Last night was the third Friday in a row that Clara and I have gone out to a concert or the theater, making up for the six weeks lost to a herniated disk. Last night, we drove up to north suburbia for a dinner to celebrate Clara's brother's birthday, then headed down to the Ordway for a Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra concert. I haven't been in the Ordway for several years, since we started going more regularly to the Minnesota Orchestra. I'd forgotten how wonderful the Ordway is, with a bright spacious lobby and, best of all, spacious and well-designed restrooms. They put the loos at Orchestra Hall and the new Guthrie Theater to shame! The concert featured Kurt Weill's concerto for violin and winds (with Stephen Copes as soloist) and Schumann's Fourth Symphony. On "Jazzed-Up Fridays," concert goers have the option of staying out in the lobby after intermission to hear live jazz, or returning to the concert hall for a piece of chamber music. We opted to return for Ravel's Piano Trio in A Minor, the last piece he wrote before heading to the front as an ambulance attendant in World War I. Had we stayed out in the lobby, we would have heard Christine Rosholt, who will be performing tonight at the Northfield Historical Society ball. The people who had been sitting to our right stayed in the lobby for jazz, opening up seats that were taken by the SPCO principal flutist, Julia Bogorad-Kogan, and her husband, brilliant Minnesota Orchestra timpanist Peter Kogan (who was two-timing the Minnesota Orchestra as a guest timpanist with the SPCO last night).

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