Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Caucus Day

Today is Super Tuesday, and Minnesota is one of the states where Democrats will allocate national delegates based upon this evening's voting. Minnesota has a caucus system, although it is possible to show up, submit a Presidential preference ballot, and then go home. In my condition, that's what I may do. The rest of the evening is usually spent in discussing resolutions to be submitted to the state party convention, and in choosing delegates to the county convention.

As a warm-up for tonight's caucuses, the Carleton College Democrats hosted a rally at Sayles-Hill campus center, featuring a special appearance by Scarlett Johansson. She spoke for 5-10 minutes, then took questions. The first question was: "What did Bill Murray whisper to you at the end of the movie?" She said, "He told me to vote for Obama." She didn't give a polished presentation, but seemed to be speaking sincerely and passionately about a candidate who has captured her imagination. Note: Doug Bratland has a good set of photographs of the event on Flickr. See also the story on Northfield.org, which includes a video clip.

I'll be casting my vote for Obama at the local Democratic caucus tonight. I think America needs the kind of inspirational leadership he offers. I believe he has integrity and intelligence, and trust he will have the wisdom to surround himself with good people. I'm not swayed by the argument that he lacks experience. Both Lincoln and Kennedy had very little national political experience when they became President, but they each offered inspirational leadership which helped to define an era in American politics. It's time for something new.

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Jason Mittell said...

Glad to see MN went for Obama! Hope this helps your back feel better...

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