Monday, February 11, 2008

Alumni Magazine Blues

Do you ever find yourself getting a little depressed when your alma mater's alumni magazine arrives in the mail? Do you ever open it up and read about your classmates' accomplishments and wonder what you've done with your life?

The latest Brown Alumni Magazine. On the cover is Alicia Sacramone, '10, one of the top-ranked gymnasts in the world, and a favorite for a medal in Beijing.

The Brown Alumni Magazine arrived today. Inside there was a little review of the latest film starring the talented and lovely Laura Linney (Class of 1986). I never crossed paths with Laura Linney at Brown; I didn't arrive as a graduate student until the fall of 1986, after she had graduated. I did briefly live next door to Amy Carter, and one day as I was hurrying to class in the art building I turned a corner and crashed into Geraldine Ferarro's daughter. But I'm getting off the subject. The point is that Laura Linney (born Feb. 5, 1964; nine months older than me) has three Oscar nominations. What have I done?

Maybe I'm just feeling sorry for myself because for the past three weeks I've done nothing but manage my pain, gain weight, and mope around the house in my pajamas. I suppose that, in the long run, I've done quite a lot. But look at what some of my classmates at Oberlin (Class of 1986) have done: Willa Henigman, who worked with me in the college library, is Associate Principal Oboe with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra; Lia Purpura is an award-winning poet and winner of an NEH Fellowship for her essays; and Leah Modigliani is a top-ranking executive at Morgan Stanley Dean Witter.

One of my classmates at Oberlin contributed her expertise to the book The Complete Idiot's Guide to College Survival. In the book, Stephanie gives advice on surviving the treacherous college social scene. One of her pieces of advice is about what to do if you're dating someone who lives in your dorm and you end up breaking up with him. Sometimes, as she did, you may decide it's best for one of you to move to a different dorm.

So, I've accomplished something after all. I was the ex who prompted Stephanie to move to a different dorm.


Jim H. said...

As an undergaduate at Indiana, I was in several theatrical productions with Kevin Kline. Our paths, shall we say, diverged.

Penelope said...

Ooh, did you see me in there, did you see me? (Class of '80 notes) I have a fancy-schmancy job title now ("Senior Communications Counselor"), so I can impress like the Laura Linneys, Nobel prize winners, and the like. Right?

Hey, Rob, you're a published poet! How cool is that?! Next time you send in a class note I can guarantee there will be people thinking, "That should've been me. Why didn't I follow my heart, instead of selling out to the Man?!" You're absolutely one of the success stories!

Chris said...

Aw, Rob, don't let it get you down. For what it's worth, I think you're special.

That was a great last line.

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