Tuesday, January 29, 2008

MRI: The Results Show

Dr. Behrens called this afternoon with the results from yesterday's MRI. The images did show a disk herniation pinching the nerve root that leads down my right arm to my thumb. Everything you need to know about the condition can be found here. At left is an MRI scan (not mine) showing a sagittal view of the exact location of my problem, between vertebrae C6 and C7. The next step, if things don't begin to clear up soon, may be to have a neck injection. I was okay with the MRI, but I'm definitely not okay with injections! I'm hoping that the combination of prednisone, muscle relaxants, and painkillers will get me through this. The pain seems to be lessening, and I'm sleeping much more comfortably at night. The numbness in my thumb and wrist is still there, but that often lasts longer than the pain. Thanks to all of you who have expressed concern and sympathy, both in comments and in person!


Christopher Tassava said...

Oh, man. The problem and the remedy both sound baaad. I hope the drugs and some more time do the trick, though - a neck injection brings to mind that line of Piglet's I put on my blog the other day. Paraphasing, "It's not the necks I mind; it's the needles." Get well soon!

Jim H. said...


I write this from the patient lounge at St. Mary's, which naturally qualifies me to comment on all things medical.

The injections aren't too bad, at least not when compared to the alternatives: a) continued pain, or b) surgery.

What kind of music did they play during the MRI? (I wrote a post called "Musical Devolution via MRI," but when look in my own blog archives, can't find it.)

In any event, I hope your spine's encounter with the medical establishment is short and effective.

My brother-in-law tells me that humans still aren't ready to walk upright.

Jim Haas

kookiejar said...

Mine is between C4 and C5. I'm no doctor (I don't even play one on television), but if the muscle relaxants and pain killers are helping, I don't think you'll need the injections. I didn't.

Take that for what it's worth...which is nothing. :D

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