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I think I'll be joining Jim on the blogging disabled list for a while. This morning I woke at 4:00 with pain all down my right arm; my arm felt cold and my fingertips were tingling. Clara took me to the ER (these things do happen on Sunday morning), where after describing my symptoms I was told it was as if I had been reading out of a textbook the description of a slipped disc (or, as the take-home sheet called it, "cervical radiculopathy"). Ouch. On top of this, my mother-in-law is coming to visit this afternoon, and our car seems to need an exorcist (going at any speed above about 20 mph, it starts to growl and the speedometer shoots up to 120 mph). My numb fingers don't seem to want to type properly, so I'm taking a little time off. (By the way, Jim seems to be back now and taking visitors at his blog Trout Fishing in Minnesota.) I'll be back as soon as I get the feeling back in my fingertips.

Note: the flossometer may not be updated for a while either.


Penelope said…
Best wishes for a rapid recovery; we'll miss you! (Though we'll all be very busy reading Jim's blog instead.)
Get well soon! Or else use the time to read a hell of a lot of good stuff.
Bleeet said…
Ohhh... suckage.

Buy those little one-hand plastic flossing devices to maintain dental hygiene...

I think the car was merely in grief over your physical state. It happens.

Especially if you drive the Ford Empathy, or the Chevy Internalizer.

I hope the pain subsides.
Shan said…
Oh my. Best wishes for a speedy recovery! Will miss your writing and your comments.
fabrile heart said…
Sorry to hear you have been in the wars :(

Hope you feel better soon...
Jim H. said…

Well, crap! I saw two different surgeans at two different clinics and was glad I sought the second opinion, even though it probably added a few weeks of pain. So far, the results are pretty encouraging. I hope your diagnosis and treatment go well.

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