Tuesday, January 8, 2008

50 Pounds of Flour

On my birthday, exactly two months ago, I picked up a 50 lb. bag of Swany White organic unbleached flour at Just Food Co-op. Today, I scraped the bottom of the bag to make one last loaf of bread. I put in an order at the co-op yesterday for another 50 lb. bag. I know that the last bag made many loaves of bread and pizza crusts, pancakes and waffles, pie crusts and bagels and dinner rolls. At Clara's suggestion, this time I'm going to keep track of everything I make using that new bag of flour. What, exactly, can be made with fifty pounds of organic unbleached white flour? How many loaves of bread? How many pancakes? I know you want to know. Stay tuned for the rest of this winter to find out.


Christopher Tassava said...

Cool! I do want to know, as a matter of fact, and more importantly I want this endeavor to be transformed into a guessing game with a loaf of fresh bread as the prize for the most accurate guess.

Christopher Tassava said...

Being an inveterate bread-eater but an incompetent breadmaker, I guess 40 loaves. I have no idea how much wine or how many fishes.

Bleeet said...

You know, you really shouldn't binge on flour just because it's your birthday. So many good men have gone that route, it starts off so innocently... just a five-pounder of Gold Medal, and before you know it, you're hauling high-grade, organic, home-sifted shit away from your neighborhood dealer by the barrow full.

Spare me the excuses, Rob... do you realize what you are doing to your family with this uncontrolled consumption?

"But, dear, just this once? It's my birthday!" Please.

But anyway, I'll bite on the contest angle. How about... one really big loaf?

kookiejar said...

Now I know how you leave all those witty and clever comments on my blog, Rob. You hang out with a witty and clever crowd (if the other comments on this page are any indication).

50 pounds of flour will make 10 regular loaves and 1 gigantic loaf...if you do it right.

Jim H. said...

My official guess: 21 loaves of bread from the 50 pound bag. Challa will do nicely, thank you.

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