It's snowing heavily in Northfield at the moment. After lunch, Clara and I waxed up our skis, which have been languishing unused in the basement for nearly two years, and drove over to the Lower Arboretum for a lovely hour-long ski. We skied along the river, up through the oak savanna, and across the open prairie (where Clara likes to imagine she's Anne Bancroft skiing across Antarctica). Nothing could be lovelier than the Arb in winter. The snow blotted out everything but the grasses and the trees, and we seemed to be alone in a wilderness. After the ski, we came home to another winter treat that I missed last year in England—pickled herring on Triscuits. I also got out the double Gloucester and stilton and poured a warming glass of port. Unfortunately, Peter called to say that he had missed the bus—don't ask me how—and needed to be picked up at the middle school. Soon I was outside again, pushing the car—with Clara at the wheel—out of a snowbank at the foot of the driveway. Winter is here and, despite the occasional hassles, I couldn't be happier.


Jim H. said…

What's the difference between kippered herring and pickled? Sure, I cold look it up, but I figured you'd be able to describe it more eloquently than Wikipedia and maybe do a little turn on the etymology of 'kipper.'

Gee, I'm demanding.

My drive from Rochester to Northfield this afternoon was far less pleasant than your Arb ski.

I'm jealous, too!
That sounds like a great route. Where'd you start - at the West Gym parking lot? I may try to duplicate your outing tonight...
Rob Hardy said…
Christopher: Start at the parking lot on Hwy 19, on your left once you've passed West Gym. Is that called the West Gym parking lot? Jack Bryce calls it "the penalty box," because you end up there if you can't find a parking space elsewhere on campus.

The skiing this afternoon (Wednesday) was brilliant.
kookiejar said…
Just wanted to let you know that my family and I are fine. That mall is 10 minutes from my house, so we're freaked out, but fine. Thank you for asking. :)
fabrile heart said…
any piccies? I LOVE snow.
Rob Hardy said…
Louise: the camera has (temporarily, I hope) disappeared into the upheaval of my younger son's room. I'm searching, but a thirteen-year old is capable of losing something pretty thoroughly. Meanwhile, here's a good picture that Christopher took while skiing in the Upper Arboretum.

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