Saturday, November 3, 2007

New Life for an Old Burley

The old Burley, ready for action, in front of our stack of firewood.

After yesterday's self-indulgent and consumerist post, it's time to switch gears and talk about what I'm doing for the environment. In England, where I didn't drive and where our refrigerator was only slightly bigger than a shoebox ("You were lucky! We dreamed of a refrigerator as big as a shoebox!"), I got into the habit of making a daily trip to Sainsbury's for provisions—about a mile round-trip from our little house. Now that we're back home, with a refrigerator only slightly smaller than our entire English house, I've kept up the habit of daily grocery runs. EconoFoods is just around the block, and Just Food Coop is closer than Sainsbury's was in England. Sometimes, though, I need to get things that are too heavy to carry—things like 50 lb. sacks of Swany White Flour, or large bags of dog food for the idiot puppy. For this I use the Burley. This week I've used it to carry home flour from the coop, and to haul a load of cardboard to the recycling bin outside of Econofoods. I've also used it, in the past, to haul tons of library books back to the Carleton library. We got the Burley when the boys were little, but didn't use it much. The boys were too free-wheeling to be cooped up inside its small compartment. But the Burley is great for short-haul transport around town—and it allows me to burn calories instead of fossil fuels.


Penny said...

Great idea!

This reminds me that in more urban areas I've seen people (perhaps mostly the elderly, but that need not be the case!) using those folding personal shopping carts. We had one when I was growing up, in fact, though I think we used it more to get things to and from the laundromat. Maybe plastic shopping bags with handles made them less necessary, but they're probably an idea whose time has come again.

Rob Hardy said...

We often used one of those folding carts when we were in England. It's true, though, that we were the youngest people using one!

Anonymous said...

One of the first things I did when I arrived in NYC was to buy a Brooklyn cart (and name it Herbie of course). I am also the youngest person I have ever seen sporting said aid, most of the people in my building not daining to do thier own shopping!

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