Wednesday, November 7, 2007

A Conservative Issue

"There can be no greater issue than that of conservation in this country." Theodore Roosevelt (1912)

In response to my recent post on stewardship, I received a comment from Don, with a link to his blog "The Evangelical Ecologist: A Conservative Christian Environmental Blog." It's good to see that there are thoughtful evangelicals who realize that stewardship of God's creation is a Christian responsibility. It should be clear that the environment is not an issue of concern only to secular liberals. Our former Republican State Representative, Ray Cox, who has always been well-regarded for his legislative advocacy of environmental issues, has also made me aware of a national group called Republicans for Environmental Protection (REP), which recognizes the roots of the modern conservation movement in the work of Theodore Roosevelt, a Republican President. Nearly a century ago, Roosevelt said: "Conservation of our resources is the fundamental question before this nation, and our first and greatest task is to set our house in order and begin to live within our means." REP reminds its members that conservation is a conservative issue. While I share little common ground with evangelical Christians and conservative Republicans, I do share with them the common ground of this earth.


Penny said...

Rob -- I came across an essay I think you'd appreciate, by David James Duncan, about whom I wrote a couple of months ago:
What Fundamentalists Need for Their Salvation - In defense of truth, stewardship, and neighborly love. It's from Orion Magazine, which at first I thought was the Onion, which is a very different thing!

Penny said...

I forwarded you that link before having finished the essay; I didn't realize quite what a tirade it would end up being! I think it's a terrific piece, but it's meant to rile and I don't mean to annoy anyone unduly.

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