Sunday, November 18, 2007

Bonus Post: Dessert

On Friday night, I read a few poems at a Northfield Arts Guild reading at Tiny's. Riki Kölbl Nelson also read some selections from her bilingual collection of poems in German and English, Grenzen/Borders. Before she read, Riki talked a little about her childhood near the beautiful Austrian city of Salzburg, which our family had the pleasure of visiting last October. For tonight's dessert, Clara tried her hand at Salzburger nockerl, the light dessert soufflé that we first tasted at the Stiftskeller St. Peter in Salzburg. A stiftskeller is the cellar of the monastery, or Stift; in this case, the monastery of St. Peter. The monastery's wine cellar opened to the public in 809, making it the oldest restaurant in western Europe. Salzburger Nockerl is one of the city's signature foods (along with Mozartkugel and Stiegl beer). There are a number of recipes available on the internet; the one Clara used, linked above, is from Gourmet magazine, via* As it was at the Stiftskeller St. Peter, our Salzburger nockerl was served with a drizzle of warm raspberry syrup.

*The photograph accompanying the recipe is not a good example of what a Salzburger nockerl should look like; the eggs should stand up in peaks, like the mountains around Salzburg.


Jim H. said...

Mr. Hardy:

My, that looks good!

I just started a series on US cities and their claims to food fame, beginning with Northfield and Malt-O-Meal. Today it's Cincinnati, tomorrow Boston, and who knows where after that.

Join in!

kookiejar said...

Meringue can be tricky (often the weather can affect your results) so kudos to Clara for trying it out!

New Poem: "Phrasebook"

My poem " Phrasebook " has been published online in Ergon: Greek/American Arts and Letters .