Wednesday, October 24, 2007


After an acute case of blogorrhea in early October, my blogging has fallen off in recent days. Not a word from me about Dumbledore's sexuality or the fall colors or what William Dean Howells has to say about his characters' noses. Nothing about seeing the Guthrie Theater production of Jane Eyre on Saturday afternoon, or the distracting awfulness of the actors' English accents. Nothing about Sunday's pork tenderloin braised with wild mushrooms and juniper berries. Not one mention of having the first fire of the season in the wood stove and reading a Laurie R. King mystery aloud to Clara while she knit a sweater. And did I mention that Clara's mother is visiting? No, I never mentioned it. For three whole days, not a single link to something brilliant. Not a single word about what the mayor has done. I never blogged about any of these things, and now you will never know about them.


fabrile heart said...

Love it! You're post reminded me about a poem I once wrote (which was terrible) about negating the negation. Funny how I find parallels when I read your blog: my mother-in-law is currently staying with us, I am knitting, and I don't have much to say either! Beckett would have approved ;)

fabrile heart said...

of course my inner editor didn't spot my typo of you're - when it should have been your, grrr

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