Friday, October 5, 2007

Po'Girl (Bonus Post)

Po'Girl: Diona Davies, Trish Klein, Awna Teixiera, and Allison Russell.

Not counting the year in Kenilworth (52° 20' N), I’ve lived my entire life in the frosty latitudes between 41° 17' N (Oberlin, Ohio) and 44° 27' N (Northfield, Minnesota)—the latitudes of maple and oak, apple orchards, glacial landforms, and accents flattening out toward Canada. Because of my narrow geographical experience, my imagination has always been drawn northwards and southwards, to the imaginary geography of Canada and the South. Some of my favorite music these days comes out of Vancouver, British Columbia, and the interconnected group of women who make up The Be Good Tanyas and Po'Girl. It’s music that looks south for many of its influences—blues, country, and bluegrass—but it’s more authentic and heartfelt than almost anything coming out of Nashville. If you have iTunes, go to the music store now and drop 99¢ to download the song “Take the Long Way,” from Po’ Girl’s 2004 CD Vagabond Lullabies. The song has everything that makes Po’ Girl so extraordinary: the beautiful, soulful voice of Allison Russell; gorgeous melodies; traditional folk instruments like guitar and fiddle; and unexpected elements like Russell’s clarinet and the hip-hop poetry and beat boxing of C.R. Avery. All the elements come together to create a beautiful and satisfyingly original whole.

Po’Girl’s latest CD is Home to You, released in February 2007 on Nettwerk Records.


Penny said...

For some reason I could not find this song, or much at all by Po'Girl, at iTunes, but I downloaded it from Amazon, which I haven't tried for music downloads before. Thanks for the recommendation. I like Dar Williams, too, and "When I Was a Boy" is the song of hers I know best.

Shahin I. Beigi said...

Hi there. Nice post about Po'Girl and your own interests. I recently interviewed the band, and you can "read all about it" at my blog, Hope you enjoy the interview! Look forward to reading your musings.

Shahin I. Beigi said...

Hi. Great review. I look forward to reading about your predilections and passions... I recently interviewed Po'Girl and just posted it on my site, conversations, etc. The URL is Enjoy!

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