Sunday, September 2, 2007

Publication Alert: "Jane Austen's Toes"

One of the few poems I wrote while I was in England, "Jane Austen's Toes," appears in the Fall 2007 issue of the Apple Valley Review (no connection to Apple Valley, Minnesota). Click the link to read the poem online.

Update (Tuesday, September 4): The poem receives a sympathetic notice here on AustenBlog.


Jim H. said...



My first reaction to the poem is a smile, but I always have to re-read poems before I allow myself to believe that I "get" it.

Anonymous said...

Lovely :)

John Mutford said...

Great poem Rob, After my first reading my favourite line is "the body beginning where the novel ends."

Penny said...

Very nice indeed. I have forwarded the link to my mother, an active member (speaker, essayist) of JASNA. She wrote a poem that talks about Jane's fingers -- in particular, how cold they must have been as she wrote by the tiny fire in her room at Chawton.

New Poem: "Phrasebook"

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