Saturday, September 8, 2007

The Harborview

The Harborview.

Late yesterday afternoon, while the boys grazed on fried food at the Defeat of Jesse James Days, Clara and I escaped with our friends Chico and Rebecca to Pepin, Wisconsin, to eat at the fabulous Harborview CafĂ©. This weekend, Pepin is holding its own annual celebration: Laura Ingalls Wilder Days. Pepin is Wilder's birthplace and the nearby village in Little House in the Big Woods. Pepin is on the Wisconsin side of the Mississippi River, near the southern end of the widening of the river known as Lake Pepin. The lake and its surrounding bluffs provide the perfect setting for an absolutely delicious and memorable meal. Last summer, in the weeks before we left for England, Clara and Rebecca rode their bikes from Northfield to Pepin, a distance of 67 miles—with one killer three-mile long hill near the end. The reward at the end was a swim in Lake Pepin and halibut with black butter caper sauce at the Harborview.

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Penny said...

I've still never eaten at the Harborview (in about 15 years perhaps I'll be able to afford occasional fine dining). My daughter Phoebe and her friend Chloe Robins participated in Laura Ingalls Wilder Days in Pepin when they were about 9 or 10. We rented a nice little blue gingham prairie dress from Vi's costume shop on Hwy 3 and I have a charming picture somewhere with her hair in braids... The Wisconsin side of Pepin is home to my favorite berry-picking spot, Rush River Produce. Haven't made it there in several years, alas.

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